LexaTrade: Getting Into the Meat of an Honest Broker

They refused to teach me how to trade for more than one month that I made the deposit. Things are extremely difficult here in Nigeria. The people at lexa trade are very polite they talk very friendly they help in generating profit also but they don’t corporate in withdrawl. Everybody says that it is very easy to withdraw but when you go for withdrawal nothing is reimbursed.


So pls don’t trade anything .How lucrative it might look like. If u don’t believe my statement..then its your choice and luck. But this time I have not check the background of the company….due to some reason….SO PLS BE CAREFUL and aware other of this. All they care about is asking money from you no matter what is your condition.

Two Weeks before I also Lost Money

Now that we have reviewed the most important points about LexaTrade, we can come up with a verdict. According to all the information that we have gathered, this is a legit broker. LexaTrade does not lie to its lexatrade reviews customers with the prices; everything is transparent and can be checked. The lexatrade.com login page has a whole section related to legal documentation. They are simply fraud….I have been faced and duped.

This is an absolute fraud company

STAY AWAY from these people who have only learnt to steal. If you can tolerate this uncomfortable (in relation to other platforms) state of things, then you may find that Lexatrade is actually pretty decent when it comes to trading and dealing with users. Lexatrade has quite a few impartial reviews, but it’s important to remember that it’s also a fairly small broker, at least compared to the established leaders in the industry.

“If, in general terms, the company works honestly, and I would not say that LexaTrade scammers. It is not necessary to wait for some news, and the market is moving unpredictably. LexaTrade’s live chat through its trading platform is complemented with other social media platforms, including Skype and email, as additional means of communication.

For starters, there’s the fact that the cheapest account doesn’t require a huge deposit. Also, the spreads on the VIP account are relatively tight. Again, as we said earlier in our Lexatrade review, the broker doesn’t do anything that sets off alarms. But on a hunch, we wouldn’t call the security excellent. It’s by no means a strict scam, and in fact, it’s safer than the average broker, but you still need to tread carefully. Lexatrade is new forex and CFDs brokerage that primarily operates in Europe.

In one way or another, clients who were unable to withdraw their funds from their accounts might have violated some conditions and guidelines without them knowing it. Knowing which markets and assets you can trade is an integral part of choosing a broker. Some brokerage firms offer more assets than others, and that’s what makes them the preferred choice by traders. On the other hand, trading tools and research materials are all important helpers in assessing positions and executing trades.

The information that these tools give are enough to forecast the probable results of each deal. LexaTrade developed its own proprietary trading platform displaying a high-level of functionality, speed, and profitability. It has an intuitive interface and highly-functioning terminals to make trading comfortable with minimal risks. LexaTrade platform contains more than 170 trading assets and tools to provide quality trading experience. The strongest suit of LexaTrade is its quality services, which were noted multiple times by traders in LexaTrade broker reviews. The company has even developed its own platform to carry the brand and quality of services expected of LexaTrade.

  1. It is easy to use, always at hand, so you can work from any point.
  2. It lowers risk diversification as well by investing in the basket of different stocks of various companies and sectors.
  3. Some brokerage firms offer more assets than others, and that’s what makes them the preferred choice by traders.

It displays high functionality, great customer service, convenience, availability, and dedication to clients. It improves its services based on what its clients ask for to work on the market, and this has earned the trust of traders everywhere. Real LexaTrade broker reviews can attest that company https://turbo-tax.org/ is worth trading with. Its mission is to provide traders and investors with maximum security of their transactions on foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies, and stock markets. XCritical mobile app offers an easy-to-use interface, traders can access their trading account on the go, without any hassle.

Besides they do not have any means to escalate follow up nothing. It’s pretty comfortable to work here, barring all the treatment the lower account types have to put up with. Yet still, there are many exchanges and brokers that give you just as comfortable an experience without making you pay extra. After deposite minimum amount $250 they start some deals and shows some profit.

That’s especially true if the bonus goes as high as it does at lexatrade.com. The website is translated in 6 languages, the platform is relatively easy to use and offers all the features needed by an average trader. A mobile platform is available but Demo accounts are not; US traders are not accepted. On the other hand, the Web platform offered for the minimum account is quite enough for the average trader, so maybe that’s not a deal breaker.

They also provide traders the optimal opportunity to learn the basics and complexities of trading through different educational resources. On top of these account types, a Demo Account is a good way for novice traders to test the trading environment and platforms of LexaTrade. In terms of financial instruments, account type gives users access to forex, cryptocurrency, commodities, and limited stock assets. Lastly, reduced spreads can be accessed using this account. Many organizations provide brokerage services. Unfortunately, the choice of honest brokers focused not on their benefit, but the profit of customers is not so wide.

LexaTrade offers trading instruments in stocks, shares, commodities, and foreign exchange markets. Currently, the broker has over 200 trading instruments offered to its traders. LexaTrade’s MT4 web terminal is a highly secure and reliable trading platform, incorporating advanced technology and offering a seamless trading experience.

We listed lots of them not to confuse traders but to give a weighted and fair viewpoint on the brokerage. As this is the case, the traders are advised to take all claims quoted here with a grain of salt. Despite all reviews, it is strongly recommended to make decisions and build a strategy independently. As your success in the forex market depends only on you. Collaboration of LexaTtrade with social networks proves that the company is reliable and tries to save trader’s money.

Lexatrade ensures high-grade security measures for all the services it provides, to secure client’s funds. The broker set up strict payment procedures for the safety of the trader’s funds and to prevent financial theft. The broker even partners with reliable and trusted international banking institutions while steering their corporate funds. MtT4 platform is considered as the gold-standard for every other trading platform in the trading industry.

They are there to only loot you and in a team. They are a pack of wolves who attack your funds.I lost around $28000 in lexatrade by trusting them. AND I CAN GIVE FULL PROOF OF HOW THEY CONDUCT THE LOOT…. Each and every move.Some of the names the team are Pinki Gehlot, Armaan Singhania and Junaid Shah. THE BIGGEST CROOK IN THIS IS A SINGLE RING LEADER PINKI GEHLOT.

You can find more detailed information on each account on the LexaTrade website, and in our review, we prepare a comparison table. After a thorough review of the trading aspects of the broker, let us now conclude our assessment of the LexaTrade forex broker. After a lengthy and extensive probe into the services and LexaTrade Forex brokers reviews, let us sum up the advantages and disadvantages of LexaTrade as a broker. Aside from hefty welcome bonuses ranging from 30% to 120% of initial deposit, LexaTrade also gives a referral bonus. This is awarded to a trader who refers a friend to trade with broker. Up to 50% of the total amount of the referred client’s initial deposit will be awarded to the referring trader.